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Photo Hugo SICLIER 2018

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London-born Dougal KEMP began writing music for different bands in High School (Jazz-Rock, World Music, Reggae-Swing...) and started developping an interest for all styles he came across. It is in university, whilst studying alongside Drama & Music that applying his musical writing to different forms of visual arts came to him naturally.

Dougal followed a Film Music Master's degree in Lyon (France) before winning in 2019 the First Prize in Animation Category and becoming finalist in the Scenario Category of the Original SoundTrack Challenge in Clermont-Ferrand (France). He received in 2021 the SABAM Award for Best Original Composition by a Young International Composer (Belgium).

« Ever since I started composing, I've been exploring how to create images, how to tell stories with music, and which techniques could be used to recall different sensations and emotions. Therefore, I have followed my music and drama studies in parallel, considering that the vocabulary and the methods used are, in my opinion, very similar ; both arts enhance and complement each other.

I have thereby always searched, in my film and drama projects, to enrich my music with the images and to feed the images with the music, to aim for complete coherence within the ideas and the aesthetics.
I also cultivate my interest in the study of different styles of music, whether in orchestral writing periods (Classical, Romantic, Modern or even Contemporary) or in popular music (Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Balkan and Cuban music...), to regularly enlarge my inspirations and always be able to answer with ease to the different project demands. »

Dougal KEMP joined the Lyon National Superior Conservatory of Music & Dance (CNSMDL) in 2019 in order to deepen his personal musical language and learn how to adapt it in the best ways to movies.

Please feel free to            me, we may even be able to meet up for a cup of tea...