visual arts composer

Photo Dougal KEMP 2018

Born in London, in December 1995.

Started music at the age of seven, with classical and jazz saxophone studies at the St Claude Conservatory.

During the same period, developped a great passion for drama.

Musician in several different bands of all styles, and in different orchestras.

Composing became more important to me during my drama baccalaureat, and was enhanced by my different artistic activities.

Started a music degree at the Lyon University in 2013, and continued my Jazz Saxophone studies at the Lyon national Conservatory (CRR). Alongside, followed a degree course in acting at the Theatre de l'Iris (partner of the Villeurbanne National Music School).

Intergrated the Visual Arts Composing Master at Lyon University in 2016, as well as in musical writing studies, also at the Lyon National Conservatory and continued to follow my drama studies at the Theatre de l'Iris.

During year 2018/2019, creation of a Drama and Music project named Légère Brise Petite Brise Jolie Brise Bonne Brise (four stages of wind notation) with Stéphane ROTENBERG, as well as the filmed recording sessions Le Vol du Ricochet"the ricochet's flight" (view end of page).

In February 2019, winner of the Animation category of the Original SoundTrack Challenge at Clermont-Ferrand, and finalist in the Scenario category. 

Ever since I started composing, I've been exploring how to create images, how to tell stories with music, and which techniques could be used to recall different sensations and emotions. This is why I have followed my music and drama studies in parallel, the vocabulary and the methods used being very similar, in my opinion; both arts enhance and complement each other.

I have thereby always searched, in my film and drama projects, to enrich my music with the images and to feed the images with the music, to aim for complete coherence within the ideas and the aesthetics.

I also cultivate my interest in the study of different styles of music, wether in orchestral writing periods (Classical, Romantic, Modern or even Contempory) or in popular music (Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Balkan and Cuban music..), to regularly enlarge my inspirations and always be able to answer with ease to the different project demands.

I'm willing for you to         me if you wish, and even maybe to have a cup of tea...

Les Brises :              Le Vol du Ricochet :